Want A Pug?


Is A Pug Right for You?


As when considering adopting any breed of dog you should do your research. It is worth familiarising yourself by reading as much about the breed as you get your hands on. For example, if you want a dog that can run beside you when you're out for a cycle, perhaps a Pug is not the right breed for you. If you want a low maintenance breed, in terms of the amount of exercise and grooming required, a Pug might be for you. However, they do not respond well for being left for long, (over 4 hours), periods of time alone. They are very sociable and crave company. Left too long, they WILL become bored and destructive. Then be labeled, difficult, through no fault of their own.

A Pug is more like having a child than a dog, in terms of time & attention. They are like little people. Make sure you have the time to spare or perhaps another breed may be better suited to being left for longer periods.


Pugs are a fantastic breed, they thrive on human contact and affection. We'd never have any other breed. We have 5 cats whom the Pugs adore and they're great with children. They are very naughty and perhaps need a little more training than other breeds, as they can be stubborn. They are worth it for the companionship they offer, They are real comedians and stay puppies for most of their lives. A well cared for, healthy Pug can live 14-16 years, more if you're lucky.

Lastly, make sure there is a vet in your area who is familiar with the breed and the particular health concerns of the breed (Please see our Health Issues page for more details).


Selecting a Breeder

Pug World cannot recommend a breeder, we tend to encourage people to contact the Kennel Club. You can do this online for free. They can provide you with a list of Pug breed dog clubs. They usually hold a list of accredited breeders. We do not vouch for breeders. We simply wouldn't want to be held responsible should anything go wrong.
Please be very careful of any dogs advertised through free ad's etc. Also any breeder who only provides a mobile number. You might also want to check a web site called champ dogs. We do not vouch for anyone advertising here, but we know many reputable breeders, (of different breeds), who do advertise here.
A few things to remember; If the dog is KC registered, you should be given the papers to transfer into your name, should you so desire. Also, always insist on seeing the puppies in their own home, preferably with one or both parents. The breeder should offer 6 weeks free insurance and be able to provide you with a worming record and full instructions how to carry this on. Good breeders will allow you to have the puppy checked by your vet. You should do this as a matter of urgency, within 1-2 days of bringing puppy home. Good breeders will allow you to return the puppy if there are any health problems detected by your vet. Make sure you discuss all of this BEFORE committing yourself to exchanging any money.
Pug puppies are not widely available. You may have to wait. Bitches can be more expensive than males, and black's more expensive than fawn, expect to pay in the region of 1000+ (At time of writing this article).

Please do not be taken in by 'designer Pug crosses'. These are NOT pedigree and you really have no way of telling what the temperament of the dog will be like.

Sadly, as Pugs fetch a hefty price, they're are ROGUE breeders, breeding purely for profit and not for the love of the breed. Also, Pugs are very attractive to thieves. The lady we got our boys from had her 3 Pugs stolen. Never leave pugs unattended in the garden, as this is where most are stolen from. Never leave tied up outside a shop or alone in your car. (Please see our Lost & Stolen page for more detail).

If you decide a Pug is for you, good luck finding a breeder and if we can be of further assistance, please feel free to ask questions on the forum or contact us via email.

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