Pug Rescue

Animal rescue pulls at everyone's heartstrings. Most of us would applaud any individual who gives a 'second chance' to any animal.
Pugs are no different... Or are they?

Those fantastic individuals, who rescue Pugs, tell us time & time again, that many people do not fully appreciate what adopting a rescued Pug really means.

It is no secret that pugs are extremely expensive by most people's reckoning. We've had total strangers virtually collapse on the street after enquiring how much a Pug costs! We always answer, "Well they're not sold by the pound".

Consequently, there may be those who believe that getting a rescue Pug is sure fire was of getting a 'cheap' pug, or indeed a 'FREE' pug.
Disadvantages Advantages
1. May be elderly 1. They will love you
2. May have only one eye, breathing difficulties etc.
2. You will be rewarded A million times over.
3. May have long-term health condition.
4. Are likely to be adults NOT PUPPIES  
5. You often do not know their background
6. Can be VERY LONG waiting lists.  
A rescued dog may require you to be able to offer considerably more of your time. The Pug could have suffered a trauma. As already stated, this can either as a result of the loss of their beloved owner. Perhaps the owner may be elderly or too poorly to look after their precious companions any longer. Also, the 'trauma' may well be a physical one. It's not uncommon for rescue Pugs to have missed vital medical intervention, either through ignorance or lack of finances.
Remember Pugs are expensive so breeding Pugs in puppy farms is unfortunately very common, these rescue pugs could be ex-breeding bitches that may have had 9-10 or more litters, or be a youg Pug with health problems or a defect that meant it could not be sold. We recently took on a 5 year old ex-breeding Pug cross and she has become a perfect member of our doggy pack. If you do understand what it entails and would like to help our and take on a rescued Pug or any other dog i would strongly recomend you take a look or talk to Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) contact details can be found here http://manytearsrescue.org
Clearly there are more disadvantages to getting a rescued Pug as opposed to 'healthy' Pug puppy. Please be honest with yourself as to your intentions behind seeking a rescue Pug. Please remember: "YOU DON'T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING" If that is your intention, then, please walk away now.

If you still wish to pursue this, we recommend you contact the Kennel Club. The link below will take you to their list of accredited Pug Clubs and those who deal with rescue Pugs.

Click on the following link below to go to their site: UK Kennel Club Pug Rescue
“Pug Rescue” is an area very close to everyone’s heart. We all know tales of how human beings can cause distress and suffering to animals. Then, there are those little creatures that are dearly loved by their owners. Perhaps as a result of illness or growing older, the owner is forced, without a choice, to ‘give up’ their beloved companions. Pug rescue is carried out, by highly motivated and dedicated volunteers. Finding suitable homes for these wonderful little beings. We are proud to be members of the Wales and West of England Pug Club and be able to support the rescue they carry out by attending there money raising events.
Please go to the gallery to view pictures from this years Torrington Pug Party, this was a fund raising event for the Wales and West of England Pug Rescue. There are some great costumes, including Pug Vader, Princess Leah, Yoda, Mary had a Little lamb and a few Pug Bumble Bees!!!
2009 Christmas Pug Party
The 2009 Christmas Pug Party held on Sunday December 13th at Sourton, Devon. was a great success, Thanks for a great afternoon and i hope lots of money was raised. This was the 20th Wales and West Of England Pug Rescue party, hopefully there will be many more to support this excellent cause.
Rescued pugs
Some of the Pugs Helped by Pug Rescue
The video clip below gives you some idea of the number of people and Pugs that braved the wet Dartmoor weather to support Pug rescue, look close if you went, u might see yourself!!!
rescued pugs Click here to see George & Archie Meet Santa at the Wales and West of England Pug Rescue Christmas Party
rescued pugs Click here to see Christmas Pug Party 2007
To contact Wales and West of England Pug Rescue contact Mrs Maureen Lee, maureen-tuckenhay-pugs@hotmail.co.uk.
Next Party - (Christmas 2012)
Hopefully the Next Pug Party will be Xmas 2012.
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