Wally - Hero Pug Revives Grandad

Puggy Parent Emma writes: I have always wanted a Pug ever since I was a child watching 'Ethel & Willy' on Eastenders. It took a while to talk my husband round to getting one, mainly as he has always wanted a big dog.  After 7 years I finally wore him down and we found a breeder in our area, went to see the litter and he instantly fell in love with Wally.  He was a gorgeous little ball of goo!

After 8 tedious weeks of waiting for our baby to arrive home, we went to pick him up.  
As we drove home with Wally sat in my husbands lap, we knew he was going to be a huge part of our lives.  As well as being the cutest thing we had ever seen, as soon as we got him settled in at home he started 'performing'! TV started falling to the wayside as a form of entertainment in the home as everyone just watched him chasing his tail, sneaking about trying to get a biscuit off the table or grabbing something he shouldn't have so we have to play chase.  I spent a fabulous yet tricky 8 weeks at puppy dog training where he went from stubborn to model dog...! I regularly heard 'Look at Wally, that's how to do it!'
Since then we have taught him how to do the 'twist' in exchange for treats which is my personal favourite.  However his favourite game is chase, especially when we are out on walks.  He is so quick and loves a good race, he even tried to race a greyhound once and looked very aggrieved when they suddenly appeared in front!


Wally spends his days chilling at my dads while we are working and his evenings and weekends with us, this way he doesn't need to spend too much time on his own.  However when he does spend the rare occasion home alone he never makes a fuss. My dad loves having him around too, he is great company for him.  He was recently a 'hero' when he fainted in the bathroom and Wally brought him round by licking his face!
The photographs I've attached speak louder than words to why Wally should be Pug of the month, when we we talk to him it seems he can actually hear us and we know he loves us to bits.  Just look at those big brown eyes!

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