Stanley turned one year old on 30th November 2009, we got him when he was ten weeks old and has been my little man ever since. He was my 21st birthday present from my Dad and Mum. We even went all the way from Dartford, kent to Gloustershire to get him as we found the best breeder possible. He is named after my Dad who's name is David Stanley Williams. Stanley's full name is Stanley Pickle Williams and he often answers to Pickle! I have wanted a pug for so many years and i finally got my wish. I really do think they are the greatest dogs you can have, such character and love!
Stanley is very cuddley and loves nothing better than being on Mummy's lap and sleeping! He also loves giving kisses! He loves a rough and tumble with my partner PJ, and thinks he is very clever and steals socks all the time! When he wants something (ie food!) or cuddles he will place his head on the my arm to try and give me those gorgeous "please mummy" eyes!
I have to admit he is quite spoilt and loves his toys very much, most recently a toy birthday cake that sings to him!
Stanley hardly ever spends time alone as when i'm at work he goes to my Mum and Dad's who have their own company at home where also my brothers work too, he loves a sleep on their desk just to get in the way!
Stanley's favourite past time is sleeping! He loves it and o boy does he make a noise when he does. Loudest snorer i have ever met! However it's funny how you get used to it and sleep through it yourself!
Stanley has a gorgeous dog cousin, Riley who is a labrador retriever, and it is the funniest thing to watch them play. Stanley definately thinks he is the alpha male! He loves to kiss Riley's chops and nibble at his ears! He also has a few girlfriends too who he loves to have a play with!
Stanley is the most important thing in my life and anyone who knows me will know that! He is a huge part of the family and any christmas/easter or any card we get is addressed to Stanley too!
Anyone who has met Stanley will agree he is the funniest, cutest and loveable dog ever! He is my little man and i love him tooo much (and he knows it!).


Sam, Stanleys Mum

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