Paul 'Boonie Piggle'
Paul (AKA Boonie Piggle)

Well i would like to put my little puglet up for nomination becuase he really is just such a little gent and a real trooper! I got Paul or 'Boonie piggle' as we tend to call him, in 2005 after I came out of a bad relationship and I needed that little someone to share my empty home with. I had worked as a kennel hand for 3 years previously and i knew a pug was for me as i had really done my research and met many in the block I worked on! I knew he was one of just three so i knew it would be tough to pick, but as soon as i saw his big saucer-like eyes as he sat there gazing up at me at the breeders home, i knew he was the one for me. He was the runt of the litter and was considerably smaller than his brother and sister but I knew he was going to be mine.

I brought him home and he was immediately sick in the lounge! (a good start to our relationship!)  He slept in with me every night all snuggled up on the pillow next to mine, or in the crook of my arm. I was sure he knew I was in need of a real friend. He used to love sitting in my bag when i went shopping, always so inquisitive! until he grew and didnt fit in there anymore!!
Then one day i noticed he wasnt himself, he was withdrawn, not eating and had lost his puggi-ness! a real worry! His left eye was closed tight. We raced to the vet and unfortunately he was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer. He had a real tough time of it and we had a concoqtion of drugs and eyedrops to sooth and fix him. we thought we were in the clear after 2 weeks but sadly he developed another one in his right eye. No one could explain it and i was beside myself with worry but through it all he carried on and remained the perfect little gent that i had got.

Since then we have had a further 6 ulcers and no one can explain why he gets them but I have noticed that it develops around toe-nail trimming times, a common dislike amongst pugs! so we try to keep it minimal and ensure his excercise is done on hard ground to avoid this too often, i give him chamomile chews that i make for him which sooth and relax him so hes calm for when i need to trim him! so far we have been in the clear since mummy turned chew- baker!!

He only ever managed to grace us with one testicle and so that was another difficulty! Poor little soul!

Paul is 4 years old and will celebrate his 5th birthday in june. He is getting a little grey beard and looks ever so wise, like hes lived through the ages and taken on board every thing hes ever come across and could tell you a story or two! Im sure if i got him a flat cap and slippers he wouldnt look out of place!!

Paul 'Boonie Piggle'

I spoil him rotten and im always buying him toys and treats, his favourite is what we call his 'raggy' a cuddly dog that hes had since he was a pup! (its my favourite too!) Hes a very emotional little chap and picks up on everything around me, he accepted my partner into our little 'pug bubble' and they get on like a house on fire - so when my partner proposed to me in August it was obvious that our little Boonie would be the ring bearer!! Ive got him a little suit to wear on the day and a little device to attach the rings to his collar! I cant wait for him to play his special part!!

His favourite place to sleep is on my lap in the day and he makes no secret of declaring what space is his and what space is mine!! We had to give him his own room in our house eventually as at night his snoring was so bad I couldnt sleep! He was a strong competitor to my partner!

We go to a lot of companion shows and we have had a good few wins and gained some rosettes - although when we won 'dog who looks most like its owner' I wasnt sure what to think!!! We have great fun and he loves spending time with his new doggy friend 'George' my mum and dads rescued chocolate labrador! He lost his friend that he had since puppy-hood in december 2008, she was mums black Lab, Megan and he idolised her. He learned how to bark at the door when the bell rang and how to hold his treats between his front paws from her. I think he saw her as a big sister and when she passed i think his little system went into shock as he did grieve for a good while.

We moved house last year and his roving eye found a cute little boston terrier x frenchie who lives opposite us. He plays out scenes on our balcony from Romeo and Juliet as he calls out to her when hes snoozing in the sun!!
Hes definately a mummys boy and i wouldnt be without him - hes not only my best friend who made me feel alive again, hes a little person who knows just what to say at the right time, always knowing how I feel and pandering to my needs even when he feels awful himself! His eyes speak a thousand words (especially when food is around!) and im sure if he had the power of speech he would sound like 'stitch' from the film Lilo and Stitch!! Hes brilliant in every way and I love him so dearly even as i write this my eyes are welling up!
I hope we continue to have many happy years together and i will be forever greatful to the little man who sat quietly and calmly at the back of the basket when i went to the house that day to choose my companion.  

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