We have had a wonderful christmas with Millie this year, consuming plenty of lean turkey! Since the day we collected her from Birmingham, she has been a little ray of sunshine and a joy to be around. Albeit incredibly lazy as she has only run a few times in the 10 years we have had her, and that was because she spotted some pizza in the road! She does enjoy daily walks on the beach where she meets with other doggy chums. Although very picky with who she chooses to befriend, all other dogs and humans are drawn to her. Some dogs using her as a hurdle! 6 other pugs have been purchased by friends after spending time with Millie, she offically started a trend. I have also recently taken on Boo who is the runt of the litter and consequently tiny
Her favourite past time is sleeping where she manages atleast 18 hours a day. Locations vary from the shoe rack, dog bed, paper shopping bags, the laundry pile or on my lap watching T.V. Millie sings along to the theme tune of eastenders and coronation street and is an avid fan of You've been framed. She has perfected some moves along the way such as dancing on her hind legs but as she is getting older, her talent is simply sleeping, eating and keeping me warm in the night.
Now in her dotage, Millie has a delicate constitution and occasionally succumbs to kidney infections and skin ailments where she is on regular medication following further investigation at the veterinary hospital. Although she has lost a large proportion of her body weight she still looks incredibly stylish in her dog walking outfits! To me, Millie is a princess, a perfect dog companion and a wonderful and loving pet who continues to make me laugh and smile.
I wish you all a fantastic New Year at Pug world and thankyou once again for having Millie as your Pug of the Month!

Millie's Sister Boo!

Jess, Millies mum.

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