Lola has just celebrated her 2nd birthday and is one lucky Pug. Basically she has experienced problems with heavy breathing/wheezing episodes that gradually got worse, She had surgery on her soft palate twice but with no improvement, she was 6 months old at this point.

She then went to a specialist vet in Hertfordshire where they did some tests and said she had a laryngeal collapse grade 3 and had no other option than to have a Tracheostomy which is a permanent hole in her trachea, there was no other option as her condition would eventually be fatal.

Lola has since had further surgery as the hole in her trachea was closing over slightly.

she has got great Puggy determination. We are not sure what the future holds for her but at the moment she is coping and she is happy and as long as she remains happy we will do all we can for her.


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