George - Pugworld's Own Trooper

George became very sick just after Xmas 2006. Initially he just wouldn't stop vomiting, there was no warning it just came on all of a sudden. His bowl movements all but stopped and when he did have them they were very liquid.

We spent lots of time at the vets over the next few weeks were he was being treated for a bacterial infection. It was only when he started passing blood, lots of it that his condition was taken serious, by this time he had lost half his body weight and every rib was on show.

George was rushed to a specialist veterinary hospital in Gloucester (170 miles from home) were an ultrasound found he had an Intussusception. He was immediately operated on and had a large area of his intestine removed. We visited George every day for the next week making the 340 mile round trip to spend just an hour a day with him, any more than that was to much for George, we knew things just weren't right!

Early sunday morning as we were preparing for our trip up to see George we received a call from the vet, George had developed Peritonitis, a very serious condition. The vet explained that George had little chance and they needed permission to operate now.

We made the 170 mile journey and George was still in surgery when we arrived, George almost died and received a blood transfusion from the vets own dog.

We saw George after the surgery fighting for his life in what looked like a human babies incubator. This had to have been one of the most traumatic times in our lives.


By, what can only be described as a miracle, George survived. He has been on a prescription diet ever since and has a 4 inch scar but he is back to the normal funny loving Pug he always was. George now has his Puggy half brother Archie and is human sister Abigail.

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