Dave - August 2009

Pugworld first become aware of Dave and his ongoing fight with Elongated Soft Palet when owner Clair contacted us over a year ago now.

Initially Dave starting rasping and wheezing and has shortness of breath and it turned out Dave had ESP and small nostrils required saurgery to ease the condition. Unfortunately this did not go well and young Dave required more surgery this time from a specialist.


Dave could not be exercised as he would overheat and struggle for air, Dave then went on to have further surgeries

Dave is now doing really well and Clair has been given us regular updates, he is still very noisey but is a very happy Pug!

Dave recently one first prize in the 'dog you would most like to take home' competition at alocal dogathon!

I am sure you would agree, Dave's bravery and fighting spirit should be recognised therefore Dave has been awarded Pug of the Month August 2009

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