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Pugworld Helps Reunite Stolen Pug

Some of you may remember many months ago back in August 2009 we reported Martha stolen from Walton-Le-Dale. Earlier this January Pugworld was contacted by dog welfare officer Nichola who works in St Annes, Lancashire and claimed to know of a Pug matching Martha's description, we link up Nichola with Martha's owners and sure enough it was Martha. Marth is now safely back home and reunited with her owners.

Martha was taken by a 78 year old grandmother and her grandchildren who lived in Liverpool. Pugworld had received previous reports of Martha with an elderly lady!

It is very unusual for a Pug or any dog reported stolen to be reunited with it's owners especially after such a long time. It is great to know that are efforts are not wasted and even if we only help reunite one Pug it is all worth it.

Pugworld's resident Pugs George and Archie had there family stolen 3 years ago now and we just hope they are safe and well.


Unfortunately at the time of writing this over 25,000 dogs are lost or stolen in the UK each year. Among these dogs are a small group of Pugs. These little joyful creatures are our babies and their theft should be taken seriously, please take a few minutes to sign the goverment pertition (link above).

There are a number of things we can do to help keep our little Pugs safe:-

  1. Never leave your Pug unattended in a car or even in your own garden or yard. unbelievable theft from our own property seems to be the most common way that these dogs are lost.
  2. Never leave your Pug in the care of a stranger.
  3. Make sure your Pug is chipped and registered.
  4. Don't let your Pug off lead if you are not sure of their recall skill.
If you are looking to adopt a Pug be sure to ask the right questions and check they have the correct registration certificate, if you are unsure or uneasy, as difficult as it is you should walk away. It would also be wise to check the descriptions of missing Pugs on Dog Lost to check the adoption you are considering doesn't match the description of one that is missing, if it does contact Dog lost immediately.

If you have lost a Pug, Please send us a picture and details and we will post it on our site and notify our members, You should in all cases contact Dog Lost, they have a huge network of people and are your best hope of getting your Pug back. They are a great team of people and are extremely helpfull and caring.

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