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Scared Archie
Archie looking a bit unnerved!!!
Can Your Pug Sense The Unknown?
This is probably not a question that has occurred to many Pug parents to ask, indeed it didn't to us, then in May 2004 we lost Paul's dad and Tracy's mum within 4 days of each other, both with cancer.
On June 10th of the same year George was born and we adopted him at the beginning of August when he was 8 weeks old. Finding George really helped us both and Paul's mother get through what was an extremely difficult time.
We live in an old cottage on Dartmoor in Devon which creaks and groans as you would expect of somewhere so old. Occasionally George would just stare at the stair case and bark for no apparent reason. This was a little freaky and continued for many months. Then one day when it happened, Tracy was particularly freaked out and said 'If that is you mum or dad can you please stop it as you are freakin the dog'. George immediately stopped barking and in two and half years it hasn't happened again.
Ghost Hunting
From December 2005 until December 2006 we were members of a local Paranormal group that investigated locations claimed to have been haunted through-out Devon and Cornwall. This was a fairly serious club that employed many methods to try and prove scientifically the existence of Ghosts.
Obviously with George & Archie being Pugs they also had to come along to many of the investigations, far be it for them to be left out of anything exciting.
Pengersick Castle

One of the most exciting investigations for George was Pengersick Castle in Cornwall. This is believed to be one of the most haunted locations in Europe and has featured on Most Haunted.

Kindly the owner allowed George and his then 3 Month old brother Archie to take part in the investigation on the grounds which surround the castle, these areas include a plague burial ground, old monastery and a tree believed to be used for a hanging as well as many other areas of historic value (many of these features are believed to be from the stone age).

For most part of the evening George was pretty laid back with only the odd in bark at Alexander one of the castles resident cats!!


Pengersick Castle
 Pengersick Castle, Nr Penzannes, Cornwall
During the investigation Paul, Tracy, George, Archie and Their Guide for the evening a well known Dowser named Ron headed to an area of the grounds near the plague burial area called the healers house. Ron advised Tracy to accept healing between the two logs while facing the stones (pictured below). Tracy noticed a feeling of great comfort and rest. At this point George become agitated and Ron strongly felt he was seeing a change in energy (aura) happening around Tracy. Ron then went on to perform healing on Tracy himself with great effect (Tracy has a severe spinal condition and failed fusion).
Pengersick Healers
The Healers Hut at Pengersick
Jays Grave Dartmoor
George and Archie also acompanied us on an eventfull investigation at Jays Grave on Dartmoor. A site loaded with legend and mystery and close to Hound Tor where the Sherlock Holmes mystery 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles' was set. Lots of strange things happened during the evening but one of the most noticable events was a high number of Orbs (believed to be signs of a ghostly manifistation).
Jays Grave
George & Archie at Jays Grave, An Orb clearly visible above Archies head.
Also worth a mention for any Radio Devon listners George & Archie's bark was recorded from the Devil Stone Inn investigation for the Sunday morning show's competition guess the dog from the bark!!!
George & Archie's Investigations to date:
Castle Hornmeck Manor December 2005
Pengersick Castle January 2006
Merry Maidens, Boleigh June 2006
Penzance Ghost Walk June 2006
Pengersick Castle June 2006
Kitty Jays Grave July 2006
Devil's Stone Inn August 2006

If you and your Pug(s) have any paranormal stories you would like to share please send them in or post them on our forum.

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