Dave's Story


Pugworld recently received this pug health story from pug owner Clair who wanted to share it with others as it has been very distressing and she want others to know they are not alone!

A couple of months ago my pug starting rasping and wheezing and has shortness of breath so we went to the vet!. After a sedation and x-ray it turned out my little Dave had ESP and small nostrils so he had an operation to fix it! I wont tell you the cost as it scared me!

After about three days Dave started weezing and rasping and gasping for air again so we went back, the vet suggested he could be overheated so we kept him by the fan and gave him the medication suggested.
Over the next few weeks Dave has become worse and worse, I cannot walk him as he collapses gasping for air and has the most worrying sound when he breaths that you know in your gut just is not good! its become impossible to let him out of his crate for more than ten minutes at a time as when he gets active or excited his breathing gets very distressed and its heart breaking and worrying! and as you can imagine hes getting really depressed.

A couple of days ago we went back to the vet and they xrayed him again and they suggested the same operation again but now im worried the diagnosis may be wrong. Funnily enougth only after sharing my worries with a friend today whom is a pediatric nurse of many years experience she explained the noise Dave has been making is called a Stridor which i also found on the web! I also found out loads more info relating to this and a list of possiblities of what might be causing it, none of which was ESP. ive got a second opinion at a different vet tommorrow but wanted to share Daves story so far in the hope of finding others that may have had a similar expirence or help those in the future. Of course i will keep you closely updated on Daves progress in the hope it may offer some support to others. For the loves of all other pugs, always! Clair  & Dave.


Update - 25 June 2008


Dave has an appointment tommorrow at the Animal Health Trust in New Market so we have our fingers and claws crossed they can get to the bottom of what is wrong.

I did get a second opionion from another vet last friday and he did mention that the sort of surgery my original vet done on Dave is very complicated work on such small animals and it really needed someone with alot of experience to under take it, my advice in looking back is make sure your vet is expereinced with pugs and other small breeds and always ask about being refered to a specilaist for any invasive sugery involving the ears nose and throat! I will let you know about the outcome of Daves appointment.


Update - 17 July 2008


We final got to Newmarket Animal Health Trust small brred center where we saw Rob a specilaist in soft palette surgery.

Rob was great and explained everything that may be going on including drawing diagrams to, I understood what was happening in Daves throat. Rob seemed very caring and geuinely concerned for Dave which was real comfort to see someone so passionate about animal care.

They kept Dave overnight and done some checks in the morning. They called me straight after and explained that Dave needed some more surgery as well as a repeat of the operation the local vet had done two motnhs previously. Rob explained that he fealt confident this would help but could not be sure. They done the surgery that afternoon and i was allowed to pick Dave up the Day after.

I was really shocked when i picked Dave up as he sounded even worse! Rob explained that this was caused by the surgery and would improve with some TLC and eating of ice cubes! They also informed me that Dave has advanced disease of the layrnx which was also a big shock! Un-fortunatly the damage is not reversable and the cause of a lot of Daves Noise when breathing. Rob could not confirm how long Dave had had it but said Dave should not get worse but in a small amount of cases it does.

Dave is alot better now, he is still very noisey which people seem concerned about when they stop to chat to us in the park as it sounds like his struggling to breathe. After we explain Dave can go back to concentrating on all the attention! His got his bounce back now even after two weeks he is tearing round like a crazy thing! his put on some weight and is growing back some shiney soft hair, and is smiling again!

The treatment at the Animal Heath Center (Newmarket) has really made a difference to Daves life and i cannot recomend them enough! I would advise any pug owners that if your pug develops a breathing issue that needs surgery, be refered to a specialist stright away as local vets wont always have the experience your pug needs.


Update - 09 July 2009


Dave is doing really well! he is still very noisey obviosly but is a very happy bunny!!

Dave just one first prize in the 'dog you would most like to take home' competition at our local dogathon!!


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