Breed Standard

This is an affectionate, light-hearted but accurate description of the UK PUG breed standard.

General Appearance:

"Multum in parvo", a lot in a little package. Compact form, well knit proportions and definition of muscle. Large round head with doleful globular eyes, that are full of mischief. A scrummy curly tail finishes this gorgeous ensemble of doggy ness.


Natural comedians. Delightfully charming, adorable & funny. Can be VERY stubborn. Real live wires, puppy hood lasts for years.


Excellent family companion. Great with children & other dogs & cats. Even tempered, very sociable. Thrive's on lots of human contact, kisses, cuddles & treats. Do not leave alone for long periods of time. These little creatures demand human company. Careful though, these little chaps can eat for Europe, their food intake needs to be moderated. Have been known to eat until they slip into unconsciousness!!!

Head and Skull:

Large round head, with no indentation of skull. Massive eyes. Short, blunt muzzle. Wrinkles clearly defined. Clearly defined black mask and beauty spots in all colours except black. Have the most scrummy side profile.


Dark, very large, round and full of mischief. Their eyes will capture your heart in a second. Careful though, their eyes are vulnerable and easily damaged if they run into something. Caution in woodland, where there is undergrowth, as the eye lens can be scratched easily.


Thin, small, soft, black and velvety. Two kinds - 'Rose ear' and 'Button ear'. Preference given to latter. However, whatever style of ears, they can hear the treat jar opening from 2km.


My Mother in Law states that our Pugs always look like they've just received terrible news. This is due to the apparently sad, down turned mouths of these little guys. Slightly undershot. Teeth or tongue showing all highly undesirable. However, when a pug is waiting to be fed, in our experience, it is common for their tongues to hang out. Wide lower jaw with incisors almost in a straight line. Alas, George has bottom teeth like a keyboard being played!


Thick and arched, looks fantastic adorned by a bling collar.


Adept at holding chew sticks in place whilst munching them.


Perfectly cobby, with a thickset square ness. Should not be overweight. Should have good definition. Broad chest and slimmer hips and waist. As Pugs can be 'piggy' with their food, please monitor this. Overweight Pugs are unhappy Pugs. Yes, they adore food, but even more so, they adore being around their owners for as long as possible. Please do not shorten this little chaps life by overfeeding. Surely if you love your pug as much as you say, you'll do what's right. Don't give in to those appealing eyes when they see you munching junk and they want some 'Tough Cupboard Love'.


Legs very strong, of moderate length. Pugs are great at walking on their hind legs. We've trained George & Archie to, 'dance'. This signals that they walk on their hind legs for treats.


As the nails are black, great care must be taken when clipping toe nails. It's impossible to see the quick, be careful not to cut it. If unsure, get the nails cut professionally. Also pug nails are one of the hardest substances known to man, which increases the difficulty in cutting them. It's best if you can walk you dog very often, making sure that at least a portion of the walk is on a hard surface, to allow the nails to be filed naturally.

Tail (Twist):

High Set, curled as tightly as possible over hip. Double curl highly desirable.Can curl either way. When they sleep, the tail will often go straight. This can look odd.

Gait / Movement:

Can look like little, wind-up, clockwork toys. They prance along with a quick little 4 step. It's little legs going at speed, just to keep up with the other dogs in the park. Although their legs are little, they can reach good speeds. Just hope you never have to catch one!


Fine smooth, soft, short and glossy, either harsh nor woolly. Prefer expensive designer attire!


Silver, apricot, fawn, or black. Fawn being the most usual colour. Fawns tend to shed more than black pugs. Each clearly defined, to make contrast complete between colour, and mask. Markings clearly defined. Muzzle or mask, ears, moles on cheeks, thumb print on forehead.


Ideal weight 6.3 - 8.1 kg's. (14 - 18 lbs).

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