Pet Name: Archie
Kennel Name: Dajox Gotta Luv Archie
Nick Name: Archiebald
D.O.B: 03/03/2006
Color: Fawn, Black Mask
Personality: I am a bit more reserved than my big brother George was, he was so brave but i am also fiercely loyal and loving (especially of my sister Abigail, Alexandra and Rosie). I can eat anything, chairs, firewood, door frames, coal, stones, even concrete. My Daddy digit was stolen when i was just 6 months old and i never got to spend any time with him.
Things I love:  
  • Gravy Bones
  • Roast Dinner
  • Chicken
  • George
  • Sister Abigail, Alexandra and Rocie
  • Wales & West Of England Pug Dog Club
  • Eating Furniture
  • Barking at the TV
  • Things I Hate: 
  • Getting Up Early
  • Motor Bikes
  • People that Steal Pugs

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