About Pugworld

Pugworld was created in November 2006 by Paul & Tracy, two dedicated Pug Parents living near Plymouth, Devon.

Our Aim is to have a UK based site that encourages responsible Pug ownership whilst still having a lot of fun.

Our resident Pugs at the time where George & his little brother Archie. Two very naughty Pugs, perhaps among the naughtiest Pugs in the world! But then i guess we all think that of our Pugs! Full of energy and mischief. George was a Majestically Handsome Black Boy. Archie is Cute, Cheeky Chops, Fawn Boy. He’s 8 years old. They had the same daddy and different mothers. They adored each other. They played, slept, and ate together. The adventures they had where legendary. We are very keen to share their trials & tribulations with all of you.

Would you like to hear all about Archie’s oil slick? Perhaps you’d like to hear about how George got smuggled into a department store, and then gave the game away?

George was very sick at the beginning of 2005 when he developed an Intussusception and almost died. This had to have been one of the most traumatic times in our lives. By, what can only be described as a miracle, he survived. We want to share his amazing story with you.

George went on to suffer from many serious illness in his short life and sadly passed November 2013 at the age of 9.

Archie was very lonely and our 2 young children missed George's massive character so much we decided to look for another friend for Archie and to are suprise shortly after loosing George Miss Rosie joined our family.

Miss Rossie is a beutiful Black girl and was 14 weeks old when we brought her home. It took a couple of weeks but Archie and Rosie are now best of pals

“Pug Health” is a very important issue. We hope to be able to share our experiences and give you the opportunity to share yours.

“Pug Rescue” is an area very close to everyone’s heart. We all know tales of how human beings can cause distress and suffering to animals. Then, there are those little creatures that are dearly loved by their owners. Perhaps as a result of illness or growing older, the owner is forced, without a choice, to ‘give up’ their beloved companions. Pug rescue is carried out, by highly motivated and dedicated volunteers. Finding suitable homes for these wonderful little beings. Pug World is not a Pug Rescue Organisation but we are proud to be members of the Wales and West of England Pug Club an be able to support the rescue they carry out by attending their money raising events, and by helping raise awareness through this site.
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