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Welcome To Pugworld

In Memory Of George The Pug, 10th June 2004 - 8th November 2013

New Uk Microchipping Law

It is now compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped in the UK, failure to do so could result in a £500 fine.

Over 100,000 dogs are lost or abandoned every year and only one half of those are returned to there original owner. Nearly 7,000 are destroyed.

If you Pug is not chipped you should make an appointment with your vet now, the process is straight forward and no more uncomfortable than a standard vaccination.


Pug World is Evolving!

Just a quick update on what’s happening at Pugworld. Over the coming weeks the site will be evolving for many reason.

Pugworld was launched a decade ago and has been lucky to have been well received and well visited. We have helped many owners and have even been instrumental in reuniting one owner with a stolen pug, that one event in itself makes it all worthwhile!

When we were launched tablets and smart phones were in their infancy and the site was built to run on PC's and at best laptops. since then other than small tweaks the site design and layout has not changed much. That now needs to change, nearly 100% of our traffic is now from a mobile device and our once swishy header with the revolving pugworld is not even displayed! The same is true of our slider and seasonal greetings for Halloween, Christmas, new year etc.

As part of this freshen up some things will be going, new things coming and some things moving. We will be embracing more social media so our forum and micro blog (woop!) will be removed and replaced by Twitter and facebook. Our gallery will also gradually be moved perhaps to facebook or updated for something more user friendly.

We will be focusing more on improving the quality of our main features and doing what we do best such as providing unique services such as the age calculator and lost/stolen pugs reporting system. We will be introducing the new pug facts section and looking into pug genetics, something one of our sister sites started many years ago!

Hopefully you will stick with us through the transition and as always suggestions and ideas are always welcome.


Pug Age Calculator

Ever wondered how old your Pug is in Pug years? Well now you can find out with our Pug Age Calculator, just enter your Pugs age a few other simple facts and in less then 30 seconds you will have your answer. To try for yourself just click Here>>

Want A Pug?

As when considering adopting any breed of dog you should do your research. It is worth familiarizing yourself by reading as much about the breed as you get your hands on. For example, if you want a dog that can run beside you when you're out for a cycle, perhaps a Pug is not the right breed for you. If you want a low maintenance breed, in terms of the amount of exercise and grooming required, a Pug might be for you. However, they do not respond well for being left for long, (over 4 hours), periods of time alone.

They are very sociable and crave company. Left too long, they WILL become bored and destructive. Then be labeled, difficult, through no fault of their own. A Pug is more like having a child than a dog, in terms of time & attention. They are like little people. Make sure you have the time to spare or perhaps another breed may be better suited to being left for longer periods.

Pugs are a fantastic breed, they thrive on human contact and affection. We'd never have any other breed. We have 5 cats whom the Pugs adore and they're great with children. They are very naughty and perhaps need a little more training than other breeds, as they can be stubborn. They are worth it for the companionship they offer, They are real comedians and stay puppies for most of their lives. A well cared for, healthy Pug can live 14-16 years, more if you're lucky.

Lastly, make sure there is a vet in your area who is familiar with the breed and the particular health concerns of the breed (Please see our Health Issues page for more details).

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